Amado R Munson

Amado R Munson is a Physician Assitsant for Pioneer Valley Urology, P.C.. His work experience and specialized training make him uniquely qualified for a Physician Assistant in the Urology field.

About Amado Munson

Amado Munson received his BA degree at City College of New York/Harlem Hospital Center, NY. Amado is a NCCPA certified Physician Assistant and is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Advanced Practice Providers:

Pioneer Valley Urology employs a team of urology-trained professionals to address a full range of urologic conditions. We respect your time, and we want to provide you with the individualized attention required to treat your urologic condition. Our care team includes Advanced Practice Providers. Advance Practice Providers are Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners who work with you and your Urologist to address your urologic problem(s). Advance Practice Providers perform physical examinations, establish diagnoses, and may perform certain procedures in the office, as well as, assist the surgeon in the operating room. These professionals are trained by our urologists to assess your condition and assist in developing an individualized treatment plan. Our physicians provide services at the office, in the operating room, and they must be available for emergencies at the hospital. Advance Practice Providers allow us to offer convenient appointment times for our patients at the office, while being attentive to those patients who require surgical and emergency care.

Please note that your appointment may be scheduled with an Advanced Practice Provider. Because our physicians provide emergency coverage to the hospitals, it may not be possible to provide advance notice of appointment changes, including changes in provider. We appreciate your understanding, as we work to meet the needs of all patients who require urologic care.

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